Consumer Policy


Fair Usage Policy We go to great efforts to provide a positive customer experience. However, in order to better serve our consumers, we must be strict with our regulations at times. We've discovered that, while the great majority of our customers have legitimate issues, and we're always happy to help, there are a few accounts that take advantage of our generous return and exchange policies.

These accounts frequently return products, refuse to accept our shipments, or seek refunds for problems that are not our fault. As a result, our regular consumers are unable to purchase these goods for themselves. To safeguard our customers' rights, our customer care support staff maintains the right to analyse, judge, and take appropriate action at their discretion.

Impairment & Damages

While sending our items to you, we take the highest care and accountability. Your shipment is screened and subjected to a rigorous quality check so that we can provide you with the finest service possible. However, if you got incomplete, void, or damaged products as a result of your order placed directly on our website, please contact the customer care staff within 24 hours of the order delivery.Please keep a note of the following:

1. Do not use the products
2. Take proper snapshots of the products
3. Keep the invoice copy with you
If, on the other hand, the order was placed through an online marketplace, please contact our customer support team. Terra Cacia is not liable for any resulting damages in such a scenario.

Change of Packaging

Terra Cacia's packaging, bottles, and messaging are constantly innovated and changed without compromising the formulation or performance of the medication. These modifications are intended to provide a more seamless user experience and to comply with government notifications. The presence and placement of symbols or stickers representing product information may vary in accordance with government laws and regulations. There may be variations in the location of the sticker and emblem, but please be assured that the product is genuine and unaltered.

To be more eco-friendly, we are gradually eliminating exterior boxes and packing material under our new product packaging policy. As a result, you may begin to get items without their exterior paper wrapping in the future. This decreased packaging will have no effect on the items' legitimacy or efficacy. Reducing our carbon footprint brings us one step closer to a more environmentally friendly future. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to protect the environment.

Suspending Promotions

Terra Cacia reserves the right, without liability, to terminate any ongoing or future promotions, offers, sales, gifts, and giveaways on the items.

For any queries feel free to reach out to our customer care team at who will be happy to clarify your concerns.