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Terra Cacia was established in 2018 with a team of experts and Ayurvedic doctors determined to end all hair and skin troubles. In a world full of chemical-filled products, we recognized the need to reignite the age-old collection of Ayurvedic or organic treatments embraced by our ancestors. Terra Cacia combines modern technology with Ayurveda, amending any shortcomings of traditional remedies. Our breakthrough products in the haircare and skin industry include shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, serum, and hair masks, leading the market with the goodness of rare natural ingredients.

Why Terra Cacia 

Why Terra Cacia


Terra Cacia recognizes the need to tackle the source of hair problems. Our Ayurvedic doctor has developed an algorithm for custom products based on your lifestyle, demography, hair type, and body type. Ayurveda stands for the wellness of our body, mind, and soul. Taking care of oneself is a huge part of finding peace but so is helping others. Terra Cacia collaborates with multiple charity partners in India, giving 5% of every purchase to kids in need.
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Crafting Confidence, Strand by Strand: Unveiling the Artistry Behind Our Premium Hair Care Creations