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Terra Cacia

Root Revitalization Ritual with tea tree wash

Root Revitalization Ritual with tea tree wash

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Introducing our "Root Revitalization Ritual with TEA TREE WASH and HEAD MASSAGER" – a dynamic duo designed to address hair fall with a targeted shampoo and nourishing oil, accompanied by the invigorating benefits of a head massager.

1. Hair Fall Control Shampoo:
Immerse your roots in our Hair Fall Control Shampoo, specially formulated to strengthen and rejuvenate. This powerful blend, enriched with tea tree extracts, works to reduce hair fall and promote a healthier scalp.

2. Hair Fall Control Oil:
Nourish and fortify your hair with our Hair Fall Control Oil. Crafted with a unique blend of natural oils, it penetrates deeply to reduce hair fall and leave your locks looking vibrant and resilient.

3. Tea Tree Wash and Head Massager:
Elevate your hair care routine with the Tea Tree Wash and Head Massager. The refreshing tea tree wash cleanses while the massager stimulates your scalp, enhancing blood circulation and promoting overall hair health.

Revitalize your roots with this holistic approach to hair care. Our Root Revitalization Ritual combines the potency of tea tree extracts with the soothing sensation of a head massager, creating a harmonious routine for stronger, healthier hair.

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Happy with the product quality

The products are really good and have very natural scent. I ordered their Root Revitalization Ritual with tea tree wash pack and trust me, I am in love with all the three products. Go for this brand without any second thoughts. Definitely gonna try more of their products.
Although I didn't get the head massager which is mentioned everywhere in the description but that's okay.

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